Team Building

An escapement is the mechanism in a clock that provides the power source to make it tick. Our unique team building experience will help your group harness their power as they make your organization tick.


Escapement Mobile Ltd. brings your team together in an exciting scenario where co-workers, classmates and teammates collaborate, communicate and problem solve through games, puzzles and fun!

We just ask that your team comes with an open mind. We bring the climate controlled 28-foot Escapement Mobile Ltd. experience, a facilitator and the fun team building experience.

Looking for a customized experience for your team?

We can customize the experience specifically for your organization, training needs or product launch complete with high-tech effects and personalized video components.

Good for 3-5 players at a time in 10-minute intervals. We can accommodate 100 people in a half-day of team building fun. Looking for a more in-depth team building experience? We can extend the game time and the impact for your team.


Let's get planning!